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Melding Fashion and Function in Your Home

By Britni Hartford

Most of us can relate to the age-old struggle of walking into the bathroom to see dirty clothes on the floor. If only the laundry hamper was in a place so convenient that it was practically impossible to not to use it. That is where fashion meets function in interior design.

When designing a space, whether it is a new construction, a renovation or simply a room refresh, it is important to consider the elements that will make the space beautiful as well as the functional components necessary for making everyday life easier (i.e. a built-in laundry hamper). Every space serves a purpose and should be designed with those needs in mind. It may be tempting to design a room around a furniture item you’ve fallen in love with, or a beautiful inspiration picture you found online. However, if you’re living or working there, the space must be set up to accomplish the needs of those utilizing the space to avoid clutter or wasted potential.

The art of interior design is to apply the principles of function to any style or space, in creative ways. At Hartford Home Design, we work with our clients, we clearly define the function of the space and dig a little deeper to learn the good, bad and ugly of how the space really gets used. Then, we develop requirements of the space and design foundations, which serve as guideposts for infusing creativity into the design.

Melding function and fashion often requires creative problem solving to ensure the needs of the space are met, while still keeping the space aesthetically pleasing. Having someone in your corner who will ensure the space can meet all functional needs and still look cohesive and intentional is just part of the value of utilizing an interior designer. And working with an interior designer just might help your relationship by avoiding the dreaded argument of the dirty clothes on the floor.

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