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Design Tips for Your High-Traffic Family Rooms

Interior Design and Decor of Living Room Eugene Oregon

Interior design not only enhances the aesthetics but also ensures the functionality and practicality of the space. One of the most challenging areas of a house to design is a high-traffic area like a family room. It is essential to create a flow that facilitates movement while also maintaining the overall design aesthetic. With the right design principles and the help of an experienced interior designer, it is possible to achieve a perfect balance between form and function.

Britni at Hartford Home Design says the first design principle for creating flow and function in a high-traffic area is to create a focal point. A focal point can be a piece of art, an interesting item of furniture, or a distinctive architectural element. By creating a focal point, the eyes are naturally drawn to the center of the space, creating a sense of balance and harmony. This can also help to define the overall design aesthetic and create a cohesive look. If the focal point in your home is a television, fear not. There are many design solutions to help create a beautiful space while maintaining the functional use of the TV. 

When designing the layout of the room, create a flow of traffic. In high-traffic areas, it is essential to create a clear path for movement. Consider if the room is a pass-through to other rooms or if there are certain activities that happen in the room. The interior designers at Hartford Home Design recommend creating custom storage solutions that integrate with the design aesthetic, allowing for easy access and organization. For instance, if your family members frequently kick off their shoes when coming in from the backyard, consider adding a bench and basket to create an intentionally designed corner that also conceals the pile of shoes by the back door. 

Creating zones for common activities is also an important design principle. Family rooms often serve multiple purposes, such as a living room, TV room, and home office. By creating separate zones for each activity, it is possible to maintain the overall flow and functionality of the space while ensuring that each area serves its intended purpose.

With the right design principles you can create a functional and aesthetically pleasing space that enhances the value of your home while making it a space your family loves to spend time in.

Want help with elevating your family room? Consider booking an inspiration meeting with Hartford Home Design.

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