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Design is in the Details

You’ve likely heard the phrase, “Design is in the details”. But how do you turn that phrase into action when you are decorating your home? By starting with the foundational elements.

The details are more than the finishing touches like a vase with flowers or accent pillows. Creating a well designed home start with the basics, including color palette, wood and metal tones, textures and design styles. Determining the basics will give you a guide to reference back to when considering selections and can act as guardrails that allow you to be creative without veering too far off course.

Even looking at a brand new home, it is often difficult to see just how much detail went into the raw space. For example choosing the countertops, deciding on cabinet door styles, what finish was chosen for the paint, and the type of molding to name a few. There are hundreds of small decisions that go into interior design that enhance a space. Truly, design is about bringing together many elements that all work well individually, in a way that is cohesive and intentional. It’s about crafting a space of different textures, colors, contrast, and composition.

While working with clients, the details are often what people struggle with the most. There is a fine balance between bringing in the right finishing decor items to make a space look complete, without feeling overwhelming or cluttered. It isn’t about depersonalizing a space, instead think about incorporating and displaying the important pieces of your life in a way that is refined and matches the overall aesthetic of the space. A well designed home is a reflection of the person’s interests, lifestyle, and truly what is most meaningful to them. In a way, we want those family vacation mementos, special trinkets, or personal photos to become a conversation piece in your home.

Whether you are working with an interior designer or tackling a project yourself, it is critical to ensure you have adequate budget, time, and resources to ensure you are not minimizing the importance of the fine details that complete the space. Hartford Home Design can help you ensure your details make an intentional and beautiful design.

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